[Marxism] The Plough article on the EU Constitution

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Fri Mar 31 06:49:18 MST 2006

Many articles are exceptionally interesting. We shouldn't overlook  
the details of what Danielle Ni Dhighe has posted.

I want to call attention to the very important statement titled: “A  
Question for Irish Republicans.”

It points out that the present laws of the European Union strip the  
inherent rights of sovereignty and social reform and revolution from  
the constituent states of the Union.

The article begins by quoting a simple declaratory statement of the  
Proclamation of the 1916 Easter Rising that:
"We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of  
Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be  
sovereign and indefeasible"

It goes on to show that this self-evident statement that applies not  
only to Ireland but to all nations is subsumed by an EU laws that  
violate not only the rights of Ireland but of all its member states.

It shows that the Irish Republic may actually have fewer inherent  
rights under the EU than when it was part of Great Britain and  
details its relative loss in voting rights under the EU compared to  
under the rule of Great Britain.

Ratification of the EU Constitution includes ratification of the  
present laws as well as giving the EU even more powers.

> “Yet when the whole of Ireland was part of the United Kingdom from  
> 1800 to 1921, it had 100 MPs out of 600 in the British Parliament,  
> of which over 70 were Nationalists. That gave Nationalist Ireland  
> 12% of a say at Westminster; yet the Irish people were unhappy with  
> majority rule from London then and aspired to a Parliament of their  
> own in an independent Republic.  “As for “the right of the Irish  
> people to the ownership of Ireland”, how can people pretend to have  
> that right when under EU law it is illegal for an Irish Government  
> to adopt any measure that would prevent the 450 million citizens of  
> the other EU States from having the same rights of ownership and  
> establishment in this country as Irish citizens, in relation to  
> land-buying, fisheries, residence, work or the conduct of any  
> economic activity?
> . . .
>  “All this is clearly incompatible with “the unfettered control of  
> Irish destinies”, proclaimed in the Declaration of the Republic of  
> 1916. Yet the leaders of Fianna Fail, which has put us under EU  
> rule and wants to give the EU more power still by ratifying the  
> proposed EU Constitution, proclaim themselves to belong to “The  
> Republican Party” and will brazenly perpetrate the hypocrisy of  
> pretending to honour the men and women of 1916 on Easter Sunday  
> next. And they will be supported in that hypocrisy by the leaders  
> of the other major Dail Parties.  “Real Republicans will seek to  
> expose that hypocrisy and put Fianna Fail and the rest on the  
> defensive with regard to it.” — Anthony Coughlan

Brian Shannon

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