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kersplebedeb info at kersplebedeb.com
Fri Mar 31 21:26:38 MST 2006

Those figures come frmo Li Onesto who was in Nepal in 1999 (i am not 
sure if she has been back since), and Francois Thibault who was there 
last year. I certainl cannot answer for them but i can tell you what i 
assume to be the case. Basically i understood Onesto's figure to refer 
to who "legally" owns the land and the wealth, as i do not believe the 
monarchy has recognized the legitimacy of anything the CPN(M) is doing 
in areas it controls.
However, your point is a good one. I have seen no statistics or data 
describing the breakdown in wealth or transformed class structure in 
areas controlled by the Maoists.

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista wrote:

> A question:
> You quote that "Ten percent of the population earn 46.5 percent of the 
> national income and own 65 percent of the cultivable land." Yet you 
> later say that "According to Thibault, the CPN(M) has already taken 
> control of 80% of Nepal." Can you explain this discrepancy?

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