[Marxism] Chicago May Day Report

Alex Briscoe obeynow20001 at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 21:40:51 MDT 2006

I'll have to see if the reports are revised but I
heard from a Labor Express producer (local worker news
radio show) that the Chicago Fire Dept reported the
size of the march as 600,000! and that organizers said
that there were 700,000!, nearly three-quarters of a
million! or the largest march ever in Chicago's
history.  This march was nine times larger than the
original in 1886.

The labor-Haymarket ceremony afterward was pitiful-
about 150 in attendance at most, mostly labor
officials, some anarchists, other left.

Unfortunately, Chicago Area Greens were only able to
muster six or seven volunteers to pass out our half
sheet on the IL GP's position on immigration and to
collect signatures for getting our candidates on the
state ballot.  We would have had more, but our mostly
white membership didn't have the numbers in their
workplace (or the Latino bosses) so they couldn't get
off work or out of school.

We probably collected about 1,000 signatures.  I would
say that one in 15 or 20 marchers was registered to
vote/a citizen.  That, right there, tells you about
the composition of the march- like Comrade Joaquin has
said, overwhelmingly proletarian, undocumented,

We probably handed out 3500 half sheets.  It's a drop
in the bucket, but maybe that will get us some support
so that we can push this issue in contradistinction to
the American PRI and PAN.  Speaking of which, the
American PRI (Dems) were in full pimp mode, from reports.


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