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Wed Nov 1 07:29:52 MST 2006

Michael Berrell’s unambiguous pro-Stalinism

Michael Berrell infers that I’ve verballed him, but this is what he said 
in a post on Green Left Weekly:

The nature of the right wing protests including the incorporation of 
fascist flags and symbols does raise legitimate questions about the 
nature of the uprising in 1956. There certainly has been a lot of 
mythologising about the events of 1956 from all sides. I’m sceptical of 
the claim that that the uprising as claimed by Trotskyists such as the 
WSWS was aimed at bringing in genuine socialism. There was a programme 
broadcast a couple of weeks ago on Radio National which examined the 
events in Hungary in great depth and there seems no doubt to me, that 
the uprising was aimed at the overthrow of Communism and revolved around 
reactionary institutions such as the Catholic Church. The programme 
claimed that the singing of the Internationale was banned at the time 
and demonstrators deliberately removed Communist symbols from flags and 
buildings etc. This is what occurred in 1989 and my personal view is 
that the 1956 uprising was an attempted bourgeois revolution similar to 
what eventually did happen in 1989.

Berrell’s support for the USSR’s intervention against what he slanders 
as counter-revolution couldn’t be clearer.

Full: http://tinyurl.com/t8236

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