[Marxism] Der Spiegel on Lula's victory

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 1 09:16:05 MST 2006


Lula's re-election is good news for Washington: US President George W. Bush 
-- hated in Latin America more than any other world leader -- values Lula 
as a reliable negotiating partner. Relations between Brasilia and 
Washington are better than ever.

Brazil is seen as a bulwark against the regional allure of the Venezuelan 
President Hugo Chavez. Although Lula has avoided an open confrontation with 
the Venezuelan, Chávez's tactics of embracing Brazil has not worked. What 
were initially good relations between the two heads of state have cooled 
off quite a bit. Lula is said to be "irritated" by Chávez, according to 
those close to the Brazilian president.

The Brazilian is seeking good contacts with all governments in the region. 
In the conflict over the nationalization of the gas industry in Bolivia, 
which particularly affects Brazil, the level-headed Lula avoided an 
escalation. "Some reactionaries would prefer to go to war against Bolivia," 
he said. Now the two governments have agreed to negotiations.

Yet in front of the Jobi Bar in Leblon there are still signs of coming 
storms. On Election Day some pensioners gathered near the bar wearing 
T-shirts with the slogan "Lula No!" The bar's owner had to place a guard at 
the entrance to protect his left-wing regulars from being attacked.

The competition is happy to take advantage of the dispute over the bitten 
finger. The Escondidinho bar, just a hundred meters away from Jobi, is 
offering "little fingers à la vinaigrette." According to the owner, the 
dish of sausages in vinegar is "selling like hot cakes."

full: http://www.spiegel.de/international/0,1518,445465,00.html



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