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Holmes, Brian. 2006. Peace-for-War. Paper read at Dictionary of War, 
July 23, Munich, Germany (mpg video presentation and transcribed text).

The concept I'm going to present draws directly from the work of 
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan. It describes the economic phases 
of "depth" and "breadth," and correlates them with the first-
and second-order cybernetics of control. It attempts to situate the 
functions of cultural-communicational labor within these economic 
phases. It questions those autonomist Marxists who thought it would be 
possible to transform a broadly expansionary phase of capitalism, like 
that of the '90s, into a qualitatively different society. It's not a 
polemic, but seeks to open up a field of strategic debate. It doesn't 
assert a future, but observes the unfolding of the present into the 
depths of violence, which has robbed resistance movements of their 
potential, again. The concept is Peace-for-War.

Duration of video presentation: 39 Minutes (large file)



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