[Marxism] FLASH: Sports agent indicted in smuggling scheme for Cuban baseball players (MH)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 1 10:06:20 MST 2006

Not long ago it was disclosed that various staffers at the MIAMI
HERALD and EL NUEVO DIARIO were being paid to produce anti-Castro
propaganda through Radio and TV Marti. This disclosure got them
fired or disciplined mildly at the HERALD. But the rightist Miami
militants struck back and forced the HERALD to rehire all of them
and forced the editor, a rightist himself, to resign. We haven't 
as yet learned what the new "policy" of the HERALD is regarding
taking paid jobs producing anti-Castro propaganda. We read when
first announced that they'd have to obtain approval from their
HERALD bosses on a "case-by-case" basis. Attentive readers will
recall that some in Miami, such as on Oscar Corral's blog and
other places, accused the HERALD of knucking under to, of all
things on the face of the earth CASTRO in making the disclosure
and, however briefly, disciplining the Miami presstitutes.

This is an even more amazing and remarkable story since smuggling
Cubans into the United States has long been welcomed in Miami.
Remember the Elian Gonzalez incident? What about those baseball
players who got their families out using such smugglers as these?
They're all played as heroes in the Miami media.

Someone in Miami must be taking the rhetoric about trafficking in
human beings seriously. People like this agent Dominguez are well-
known among the many who try to rip off Cuba's precious baseball-
players with fantasies - some of which DO turn out to be true --
of getting rich making big bux in the U.S. professional baseball
business. Just why this revelation and these amazing indictments
have come about at this particular time remains to be discovered,
but in time it will come out. We have every reason to thank the
individuals who are making these cases, and helping to begin to
lift the veil off of the evil industry which is so central to the
political culture of Miami. But there's much more to all of this
than just what we see here.

MORE: Where does all of this fit in with Washington's protection of
Luis Posada Carriles? Who smuggled Posada into the United States of
America over a year ago? 

MORE: This is the city and country where the school board can
and does spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to prevent a
THIRTY-TWO-PAGE BOOK about Cuban school children from being in
the library, not as a required reading, in the local schools on
the grounds that the book fails to show the children starving
and in chains?

MORE: What about the Cuban Five? All they did was come to the U.S.
to infiltrate rightist terrorist militant organizations in MIAMI
and then that information was given to the U.S. GOVERNMENT which
then turned around and arrested the FIVE, throwing the book at
them and putting them away for someting approximating FOREVER.
There is no way in the world that anyone accused of doing anything
friendly to the Cuban government could have ever had a fair trial
in a place like MIAMI, though that is precisely what the United
States appellate court in Atlanta has actually affirmed!

MORE: Here in California we're still waiting for the trial of 
Robert Ferro, the Cuban exile militant who was arrested after he
was found to have 1400 guns in his house. He declared that he's
a member of the Cuban exile terrorist band ALPHA-66 and further
that he was collecting this arsenal with the full knowledge of
the United States government.

Trust me, there's a lot more to come with all of this. Even all
of THIS is but the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Posted on Tue, Oct. 31, 2006


Sports agent indicted in smuggling scheme for Cuban baseball players
frobles at MiamiHerald.com
Gustavo 'Gus' Dominguez
Gustavo 'Gus' Dominguez

    * Audio | Interview with Susan Dmitrovsky, Gustavo Dominguez's lawyer
    * Audio | Interview with Joe Kehoskie, sports agent
    * Document | Read the news release
    * Document | Read the indictment

A California-based baseball agent and four assistants were indicted
Tuesday, accused of financing and organizing a smuggling scheme to
get Cuban baseball players out of the communist island.

Agent Gustavo ''Gus'' Dominguez of Total Sports International is
accused of hiring four men to help him get 19 Cubans out of the
island on Aug. 22, 2004, including several ball players -- some of
them now playing for minor league teams in the U.S. -- and three
children identified in the indictment only by their initials.

''Though this case involves a Beverly Hills sports agent and talented
baseball players, it is remarkably similar to the human smuggling
operations that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] encounters
every day,'' ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers said in a
statement. ``The ringleaders put the lives of illegal immigrants at
risk and sought to profit from their labor. It is unfortunate that
those who claim to support Major League Baseball taint America's
pastime with these illegal human smuggling operations.''

Dominguez' Beverly Hills company represents some 50 baseball players,
including pitcher Jason Simontacchi, former Marlin Greg Colbrunn and
Cuban defectors Eddie Oropesa and Andy Morales.

The indictment accuses Dominguez of depositing $50,000 into a
Commercial Capital Bank account to finance the operation.

The indictment accuses Dominguez of renting an apartment in Woodland
Hills California in late July, 2004. Four days later, Geoffrey
Rodrigues boarded 22 Cubans on a 28-foot boat in Cuba. The boat was
turned back by Customs and Border Protection.

A month later, Hernandez went back to Cuba to pick up another 19
Cuban nationals -- many of them from the first aborted trip. A few
days later, Dominguez transferred $25,000 to Commercial Capital Bank.

According to the indictment, co-defendants Geoffrey Rodrigues and
Roberto Yosvany Hernandez operated go-fast boats used in the two
smuggling ventures.

Aides Ramon Batista and Guillermo Valdez allegedly transported the
players from Florida to California in a rented van. Batista provided
meals and clothes, using money Dominguez provided, the indictment

''In California, the defendants rented an apartment for the baseball
players and provided food and clothing for them,'' according to a
press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. ``The defendants
immediately began training and conditioning the baseball players and
failed to present the baseball players to Customs and Border
Protection for immigration processing in the United States.''

The Indictment charges all five defendants with a conspiracy to bring
aliens illegally into the United States, transporting the aliens in
violation of law, and concealing and harboring the aliens from

Dominguez, Rodrigues and Hernandez are separately charged with alien
smuggling, and Rodrigues is charged with assaulting United States
Customs and Border Protection Marine Interdiction Agents.

Dominguez, Batista, and Valdez are accused of transporting,
concealing and harboring from detection the illegal aliens.

The alien smuggling conspiracy carries a maximum penalty of 5 years'
imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000, the U.S. Attorney's
Office said. The assault of a federal officer carries a maximum
penalty of 20 years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000.

The alien smuggling, transporting of aliens, harboring, and
concealing aliens charges each carry a maximum penalty of 10 years'
imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000.

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