[Marxism] Notes on David Brion Davis' review

Austin, Andrew austina at uwgb.edu
Wed Nov 1 12:44:38 MST 2006

Rather than post a 6,000 + word text here, I will direct you to one of
the papers I have written about this subject, now available on my
website in PDF format. 

Before giving you that address I just want to pull one quote from the
text.  Zinn writes that "it was natural to consider imported blacks as
slaves, even if the institution of slavery would not be regularized and
legalized for several decades.... African blacks had been stamped as
slave labor for a hundred years. So it would have been strange if those
twenty blacks, forcibly transported to Jamestown, and sold as objects to
settlers anxious for a steadfast source of labor, were considered as
anything but slaves."  

I argue in this paper that it is the development of capitalism 1450-1620
in which racism was forged.


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