[Marxism] Peering at Podheretz plus on winning a Yogi

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Nov 1 16:05:14 MST 2006

One side effect of flu plus a racking cough which induces insomnia is that one finds oneself watching television at the oddest of hours.

So it was this morning that I caught the tail end of an interview between the BBC's Stephen Sackur and Norman Podheretz. I had assumed Podheretz was dead as the dodo or something but there he was looking as if he were alive. I had missed the bit of the interview where he put the "optimistic" case for the Iraq war, but he did mention the increase in the number of cars etc.

I was getting onto gob-smacked here.  Sackur was trying to be "hard" in his interviewing, but like a good cadre Podheretz could not be moved from the script. Very impressive for a man well into his seventies.

What did interest me especially  was Podheretz' absolute conviction that Bush would stay true to the visison and that Iran would be attacked.

He dismissed Bob Woodward's claim that Bush was becoming more pragmatic under the influence of Kissinger. No - he repeated that Iran would be attacked.

I had put an assault on Iran as much less likely as the savagery in Iraq has worsened unbelievably.  But Podheretz regards Iraq as a success so he can see no reason not to bomb Iran.

So with that world view all is possible. Podheretz keeps talking about World war 4 ("The war on terror").  He might indeed get what he wishes for.



BTW on a totally unrelated matter I have long predicted that Qld State Labor Premier Peter Beattie would be the first Australian political leader of recent times if not ever to invoke God. This predictiion, which invoked scorn and disbelief from those near me, has come true.  Beattie has just announced a day of prayer to end the drought.  I have stopped the gagging & the damned coughing long enough to award my self a Yogi (Smarter than the average bear, Booboo).



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