[Marxism] Notes on David Brion Davis' review

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see sections vi-viii.

they contest much of what you say and imply below.

I tried to post the whole section but Louis rightly noted it was too 
On Nov 1, 2006, at 6:37 PM, Austin, Andrew wrote:

> The question of whether black and white servants in Virginia is a 
> fairly
> easy matter to resolve by looking at legal documents and the 
> application
> of the law to members of the colony.
> Virginia court records from the first half of the 1600s show that 
> blacks
> and whites who committed the same crimes received different 
> punishments.
> Other documents show:
> - whereas white servants had their term of service amended by a few to
> several years, blacks did not; this was because permanent servants
> cannot have their terms of service extended;
> - punishments were meted out for interracial coupling; what nonracist
> reason is there for this?;
> - black and white servants were listed separately in public records;
> what nonracist reason is there for this?;
> - blacks were restricted from owning firearms (for the same reason the
> Irish were?  Yes, because the Irish were racialized, too, and their
> innate tendency to rebel was one of these racial characteristics).
> Records from Maryland show the same thing.
> Whatever the fate of those twenty Africans who were brought to
> Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 - records show that twenty "Negers" arrived
> on a Dutch ship - within their life-times all Africans brought into in
> Virginia were slaves.
> (It's interesting how Africans are refered to as "black" and "Negro" in
> all the records from the beginning of British experience with Africans.
> There's a reason for that.)
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> I think what you say is false.
> white and black servants were not treated by (whom?) property
> owners--some of whom were black as allen shows-- as essentially
> different at this time.  in the caribbean, the irish sent to the 
> islands
> were certainly not treated differently.  in fact, the irish were barred
> from the militia because of their proneness to rebel.  you can find 
> this
> in allen, blackburn or linebaugh/rediker.  africans were privileged 
> over
> the so called "white" irish in this respect.
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