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Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 1 19:00:04 MST 2006

I'll let people think for themselves... Here is what I personally got from 
Andrew. You decide.

From:  	   "Austin, Andrew" <austina AT uwgb.edu>    	    
To: 	Gilles d'Aymery <aymery AT ix.netcom.com>
Subject:    	Why don't you actually make an argument
Date:    	Nov 1, 2006 8:43 PM


Seriously, before you denigrate the US educational system on my account
you should at least be in a position to claim you are better educated
and more intelligent than I am.  I have read the simplistic writings you
post on your blog and the quality of scholarship by some of your
contributors (which you have the responsibility to judge).  Let's be
honest here, the best use of your energies is not judging my
intelligence (you will note that I have never submitted anything to you
for "publication" at Swans).  So how about rather than personalizing
this and attacking me, you actually attempt an argument?  Do you think
you have that in you?

Ironic, isn't it, that you feign not to know who I am, when you wrote on
your very website: 
		"Prof. Austin recently wrote a worthy essay analyzing
the Bush Administration links to Christian fundamentalism, Faith
Matters: George Bush and Providence.
Other selected publications by Austin can be accessed on his Web site.
<http://www.uwgb.edu/austina/Austin-home/home.html> "  
You must have seen something in my work then to tout it so highly
(although I don't know whether that is a compliment or an insult
anymore).  Yet, then, suddenly, when there's an argument you don't
understand (but think you disagree with) you freak out and join this
(well-known) jerk Mark Lause in attacking me personally, as well as
disgustingly ingratiating yourself to Proyect, like you did in the 9-11
discussion (you and several other elitists who were too busy mocking the
American working class to listen to reason).
Where's the integrity in such behavior, Gilles?  Come on, brother.  You
must be more consistent than this.  You can't have your head that far up
your ass.
It's knee-jerk attitudes like those of yours and Proyect and Lause that
are causing some communists in America to shoot themselves in the heads.
They think that voting in a bourgeois election (a) means that you
support bourgeois politics on some ideological level and/or (b) that you
can actually use bourgeois elections to advance the grand cause of
socialism.  I say "and/or" because contradiction is not alien to some 
my comrades.
The fact is, Gilles, voting for Democrats has nothing to do with voting
for or against imperialism and capitalism.  You don't get rid of the
imperialist-capitalist system by voting in bourgeois elections.  Are
some of you really that ignorant?  That you and some others (thankful
not that many) don't understand this shows you don't understand basic
socialist practice.  If Marx were alive in America today, and he were a
US citizen, he would vote Democratic.  No question about it.  He
wouldn't act so stupidly as to vote for politicians who were guaranteed
to lose and therefore strengthen fascism.  He would vote against the
fascist right because he would fully understand that this is what we
have to do right now.  
Martin Luther King, Jr. would, as well.  Indeed, anybody who grasped the
moment we face, as these activist would, and who was dedicated to the
goal of social justice, would be on my side of this argument. 
How can people who claim to understand Marx, so completely fail to
comprehend concrete practice?  You guys - you, Proyect, et al. - treat
Marxism like a religion - only you have a warped perception of
scripture.  You are in fact not behaving consistent with the tenets of
historical materialism, which educates us about the imperative of
analyzing situations in concrete terms and making the best possible
decision at that moment at the appropriate level. 
This doesn't mean all thinking communists do is vote for Democrats.
It's just one part of what we do.  It's the smartest use of the little
bit of formal democracy we have - this time to vote against Republicans.

Votes for any other party but Democrats are votes for Republicans,
Gilles - votes which, if Republicans win, will result in the needless
deaths of thousands more men, women, and children.  Their fate - their
lives - rest in the hands of what Americans such as me and Proyect do.
I am not going to be a party to further war crimes on the part of my
country.  We must stop the fascists.
So I will vote for the ONLY party that stands a chance of effectively
standing against the fascist right in America.  That party is the
Democratic Party.  There is no other rational choice for a communist to
make.  Voting in such a way that increases the chances of Republicans
winning is voting against the interests of the working class.  Period.
If you don't get it then you just aren't thinking clearly. 


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