[Marxism] VENEZUELA: Oppositionist Rosales Outlines His Plan for Government

Jorge Martin jorge at marxist.com
Thu Nov 2 01:35:16 MST 2006

Hi Walter,

You have sent a post on Venezuela and the elections. You have a go at a
number of trotskyist tendencies for their position of not supporting Chavez
in the elections and ask some other people in the list to make public their
position on this. And then .... you have a go at In Defence of Marxism for
something related to Cuba. I think this is, to say the least, a dishonest

Our position on the Venezuelan elections is known, has been publicised and
is posted on the website prominently (and in five different languages) at
the top for all to see:

Venezuelan presidential elections: vote for Chavez, carry the revolution out
to the end

The December presidential elections are an important turning point in the
development of the Venezuelan Revolution. They reflect the struggle between
the Venezuelan workers and peasants and the oligarchy and imperialism. Our
attitude towards these elections is therefore a key question.


Marxism has nothing in common with anarchism. We have never denied the
importance of the electoral struggle as part of the class struggle. For the
masses the question is very clear: a vote for Chavez is a vote for the
revolution. On the other hand, the oligarchy and imperialism are doing
everything in their power to bring about the defeat of Chavez. At bottom
this is a class question and we must take our place side by side with the
revolutionary workers and peasants fighting against imperialism and the

The counterrevolutionary forces have already started a campaign to discredit
the elections. They will use all the means at their disposal to undermine
them: bribery, corruption, slander and lies and all kinds of sabotage. They
will have at their disposal considerable resources: the wealth of the
oligarchy, the technology of the CIA, the backing of the US embassy, the
yellow press and the rest of the prostituted media.

On the other side we have the revolutionary spirit, courage and dedication
of millions of Venezuelan workers, peasants and urban poor, the
revolutionary youth, the revolutionary sections of the army and the
progressive artists and intelligentsia - in short, all the live forces of
Venezuelan society, backed by the exploited masses of Latin America and the
working class of the entire world.

The workers and peasants are fighting to transform society. Great advances
have been made, but the final goal has not been reached. The power of the
oligarchy has not yet been broken. As long as this is the case, the
revolution cannot be irreversible and will be constantly under threat.

The revolutionary Marxists wholeheartedly support the re-election of Chavez,
but at the same time we are fighting to carry the revolution out to the end.
A decisive victory in the December elections must be followed by decisive
measures to disarm the counterrevolution and expropriate the oligarchy. Only
in this way can the revolution be made irreversible.

The electoral struggle, although important, cannot resolve the central
question of power. It can create favourable conditions to carry out the
revolution. But in the final analysis, the struggle for power will not be
resolved by speeches and resolutions in parliament. The oligarchy will never
surrender its power and privileges without a ferocious struggle. To shut
one's eyes to this fact would be the greatest irresponsibility and a crime
against the revolution.
full text is here:

I hope this is clear enough even for you.



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