[Marxism] Yes, he is a troll

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Thu Nov 2 08:31:49 MST 2006

Andrew Austin wrote:

What I need more than intelligence and knowledge, if I want to fit in here,
is a willingness to toe an ideological line.

I have to comment that the mobbing here parallels what goes on at right wing
web sites.  Think freely there and you are a troll.  I never thought I would
hear it here.  But, then, there it is.

"Burn the witches!"
Try not to overreact, Andrew. There hasn't been any "mobbing". The flaming
has been restricted to three individuals who are well known for that, and
one of them has never posted anything of substance. In my experience,
they're not typical of the majority on the list, most of whom also want the
sharpest possible line drawn between the left and the Democratic Party and
can make the case without getting upset. Obviously, I think it's important
to for you to be able to challenge the orthodoxy without others baying for
your expulsion as a "troll", but in politics knowing when to stop rubbing a
sore can be as important as knowing when to speak out - something,
incidentally, your critics might also keep in mind in their approach to the
larger number of DP activists opposed to the leadership and direction of
that party.

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