[Marxism] Yes, he is a troll

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Nov 2 06:16:15 MST 2006

The subject should be the elections, but Andrew has repeatedly worked to
make it about him, as he did in some of the earlier exchanges.

He insists that we should vote Democratic because of his situation-specific
strategic reading.  He argues this against people who don't' vote or who
vote Green, Socialist, or Communist (or Democratic for a less than his
this-time-only "strategic" reason).  ... And he, then, proclaims that HE is
the "free thinker' and that those who hold all these different views are
just being a dogmatic ideological purist.

And shouldn't our jaws just drop in admiration for the courage it takes in
America today to be a consumer of Democratic BS, and to deny "the mobbing"
of the despicable, unthinking herd that advocates third-party or no-party

He ignores what others write or deliberately falsifies it, so he can clear
the decks of the "discussion" for a focus on his repeating nostrums stinking
with truthiness and--hen others get bored with it--gripes about an
unwillingness to "discuss" what he calls "ideas" that he seems to think
nobody's heard before and can't be gotten without listening to him.

What a fantasy!  "Captain Democracy Versus the Marxist Cybermen." But, while
the electronic form recalls the old story about 13-year old boys in AOL
chatrooms pretending to be college cheerleaders, the substance seems to be
the standard kabuki of "progressive" politics in America.


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