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kaliyuga at humboldt1.com kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Thu Nov 2 08:09:32 MST 2006

Andrew wrote:

> The fact is, Gilles, voting for Democrats has nothing to do with voting
> for or against imperialism and capitalism.  You don't get rid of the
> imperialist-capitalist system by voting in bourgeois elections.

> This doesn't mean all thinking communists do is vote for Democrats.
> It's just one part of what we do.  It's the smartest use of the little
> bit of formal democracy we have - this time to vote against Republicans.
> Votes for any other party but Democrats are votes for Republicans,
> Gilles - votes which, if Republicans win, will result in the needless
> deaths of thousands more men, women, and children.  Their fate - their
> lives - rest in the hands of what Americans such as me and Proyect do.


You ask "us" to decide.  I must admit that I am convinced by Andrew's
arguments, though in reality, I recognize that my vote is merely a ripple
in a tsunami. In the end, as Andrew points out, voting is a small act that
cannot in and of itself effect change.

What convinced me is not the ideological premise of his idea so much as
his comments that a return of the Republican majority may mean the deaths
of thousands. If that's overly simplistic, so be it.

I just returned from the Revisiting Marxism event and found that many,
though not all, of the speakers were more interested in theory than
finding a way to put food on the tables of the poor in this country. 
Unfortunately, I find that this list is more often an exercise in
intellectual ping pong than a concerted attempt to discover how best to
bring our ideas to the people who would benefit most from them.

I would hope that we are all on the same page, share the same goals and
concerns for the state of the world and its people.  I would hope that
debate can be restored to a rational one, where ideas are evaluated on the
basis of whether or not they help or hinder our cause.


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