[Marxism] re: Fascism, Marxism and Voting (was Stann Goff, Bill Fletcher...)

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 2 20:12:35 MST 2006

  >Your argument is not based on BASIC MARXISM because no BASIC MARXIST would advocate using a bourgeois political process to advance communism at this point in time.  There is no viable communist or socialist party.  
  Major premise:  Communism is the political goal
  Minor premise:  There is no viable communist / socialist party
  Andrew's conclusion:  Campaign for the Democrats
  Rohan's (& list majority) conclusion:  Build one... 
  ...That is, build a communist, socialist or labour / left-socialdemocratic party [I'm trying to be non-persciptive here]... or failing that, build working class organisation that leads in said direction.
  The last thing I want to say on this is... a marxist can hold to a heterodox position and still be a marxist, but they can ill afford to expect other marxists to flock to their [on consensus non-marxist] position.
  Rohan G

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