[Marxism] Fascism, Marxism and Voting (was Stan Goff, Bill Fletcher...)

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 2 17:19:14 MST 2006

I have restrained myself from participating in the discussion re Andrew's position because I summed it up as one that wasn't going to be productive.  However I think it is worthwhile to make some brief points.
  1.  Fascism is not imminent in the US.  A key ingredient of fascism is a vigilante mass movement to crush working class resistance.  In the US there are embryonic organisational forms of this (Minutemen) but an acorn is not an oak tree.
  2.  If fascism is imminent, ie if the ruling class has decided it is necessary to go down that road, electing the Democrats instead of Republicans would make virtually no difference.
  3.  If (or when) fascism is imminent, the immediate concern for marxists is organising working class defence, ie mass-action resistance involving trade unions etc, NOT calling for Democrat votes in an election.
  4.  If you are trying to get people to vote for a (small) working class alternative to one of the two bourgeois parties, it is an advantage to have a preferential voting system, like Australia has.  The electoral pressure to vote for a party that "can form government" will still be huge though.  In other words, preferentional voting and proportional representation won't prevent the entrenching of two-party politics.  Such an entrenchment is the product of the bourgeois class power.
  5.  Points 1 to 3 are based on BASIC MARXISM.  It is the working class, not bourgeois politicians, that we should look to to defend our class interests.
  Rohan G

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