[Marxism] Election Discussions

Y. K. ykleftis at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 2 20:30:51 MST 2006

In these recent US election debates, I don't see much discussion on the role 
of election theft. Propaganda is only one aspect of rightist electoral 
dominance; various methods to deny voting rights are capped by private 
ownership of unverifiable voting machines. Exit polls are also privately 
held and there is no plan to produce independent or public exit polls, if I 
understand the matter correctly. Even though the congressional elections are 
probably more difficult to control than the presidential elections, the 
Republicans have held a one-party state for nearly five years and see little 
willingness on the part of their leadership to hand over power. I remain 
highly skeptical of the ability of the US electoral system to simply count 
the votes accurately, let alone any effect any changes in the state.

To further that skepticism, I doubt that US elections have much importance 
at this point, unless there is substantial resistance to a rightist outcome, 
and not only because of ruling class unanimity about the basic aims of US 
capitalism. This alone doesn't mean fully developed fascism; after all, 
capitalism steals elections at least as often as fascism, but it does mean 
that in the absence of exit polling, organized monitoring, and determined 
opposition, even a large Democratic turnout is probably irrelevant to the 
"official" result. Recent fury in Mexico emerged in part because people 
demanded a clean election, not simply their own candidate. I don't see 
enough organized resistance in the US to a stolen election so I don't see 
why the right should stop stealing them.

So, if the election will be / is stolen, then what should be / is the 
position of US communists?

Y. Kleftis

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