[Marxism] Relations with DP activists/sympathizers

DCQ deeseekyou at comcast.net
Thu Nov 2 21:37:33 MST 2006

This is not meant to discuss the standard socialist position on voting 
for the Democrats in the US. Most on this list have a clear position 
one way or the other.

But the questions of how to relate to the rank and file, the ordinary 
working folks and students who will vote for them in the hopes of 
getting something better, is still an unresolved on in practice. Given 
that the goal of socialists is to relate to non-socialists and convince 
them of the alternative, what should socialists do on election night 
and immediately following.

There are two purist positions we can take, regardless of whether or 
not we have any illusions in the Democrats:

1) Go to the election night parties and celebrate the official end of 
the Republican Revolution, and pretend that the "Blue Revolution" of 
universal health care, money for education and jobs, and a just foreign 
policy is beginning.


2) Be the surly curmudgeons that most of us are by nature and wallow in 
the cynical disgust that comes from knowing that this will change 
nothing (i.e., stay home).

My natural instinct is to do both at the same time: show up at the 
election night parties, drink lots of beer, and swear vociferously at 
the pusillanimity of the Democrats. Throwing things and getting asked 
to leave at some point by management would probably also be involved. 
But I've been forced to come to terms with the bitter fact that my 
political instincts are not quite perfect.

So what should socialists do election night and following? What will 
you do?

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