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In these recent US election debates, I don't see much discussion on the role
of election theft. 
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In the current context, with Republicans dominating Congress, Democrats, if they wanted to explore this question, aren't really in a position to investigate.  They will be painted as sore losers as they merely suggest we should at some point look into the matter.  Presently, only black and feminist Democrats complain and they are easily dismissed by the white Republican majority and the media.  Americans were surprised when they watched Moore's 9-11 movie and saw black members of Congress protesting the 2000 vote.  They didn't remember this.  There's a reason why it slipped into the memory hole.  Without a majority, Democrats weren't going to be able to make anything stick, so the media could just ignore it.  Ohio 2004 was a sham, too.  From the data I've seen, it was a stolen election.  This is another reason to get the Republicans out of office: a Democrat majority will be in a position - with public pressure - to investigate the election system in the United States.  There is interest in doing this but no ability given the party's minority status.  It's very troubling because the ability to steal elections allows fascism to cover itself with formal democratic trappings.  Andrew

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