[Marxism] The night of the living dead (US elections)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 3 07:07:57 MST 2006

There are Green Party candidates around the country. There are an unusual and
unpredictable gaggle independent candidates, too. I'm supporting Peter Camejo,
the Green Party candidate for governor of California, and the Peace and Freedom
Party candidates down the rest of the ballot. PFP is an explicitly socialist formation,
unlike the Greens, who are good people, but not explicitly socialist. Some groups
in the socialist movement participate in Peace and Freedom, some in the Greens.

There are other candidates who are formally independent, such as Joe Lieberman
in Connecticut, but he's more of a Bushoid Republican than the Democrat he once
was. Then there's the famous comic author-singer Kinky Friedman, who billing
himself as the "Texas Jewboy". He was once known for publicly smoking Cuban
cigars, but it's hard to know what else might make him formally independent.
Voter dissatisfaction is intense and it's hard to know what some of these people
and their campaigns represent. My impression: not much, beyong dissatisfaction.

Christian Science Monitor report on 2006 "independent" campaigns:

You and your party used to be active in the California Peace and Freedom Party.
What is your take on the U.S. elections now? And while you're at it, what is your
take on the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan elections.  Thanks.

Walter Lippmann
>If you want to talk elections, great!  Talk about some independent candidates, 
>leftists and greens... let us see what each of you are doing to map the future 
>rather than get stucked in the past.

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