[Marxism] The Election Theft Factor

Y. K. ykleftis at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 3 10:13:50 MST 2006

I think the only good position for US communists is support for "clean" and 
"reformed" elections, including calls for transparent voting machines, end 
of electoral college, etc. This permits criticism of the system without 
entering into Republocrat debates and lays the groundwork for a broader 
coalition. It gives communists unimpeachable "democratic" credentials, 
especially important in the US where leftists are strongly associated with 
Stalin and dictatorship.

The US isn't like Germany, Netherlands, or Sweden, with relatively clean 
elections. It's a lot closer to Latin America... and within that, Mexico 
rather than Venezuela. US elections will not bring to power even Kerry, let 
alone Chavez, because of the current arrangement and ownership of the 
process. Indeed, Mexico's debacle mirrored quite closely the US elections in 
2000; yet, it seems hard to convince many on the US left that the elections 
have become nearly pointless and thoroughly corrupt. This became stunningly 
apparent after the clumsy 2004 theft, which was simply treated as "another 
bad election" or a "sign of the times" by many on the left. Yes, people can 
and should vote, if only to remind the manipulators of the real proportions 
of their support, but the best US leftist energy should go toward 
criticizing the electoral process.

Additionally, the US isn't a "democracy" in the same sense as other rich 
countries. The first chance arrived after the erosion of race laws and some 
institutional racism in the 1960s. Since then, various techniques have been 
employed to gain advantage for this or that party, but the US perfected its 
election theft techniques in the last two decades in Latin America, eastern 
Europe, and Central Asia. In many respects, US politics resemble more 
closely the politics from these regions than they do that of Europe. Now, 
"the chickens have come home to roost", for the US population, for even the 
"middle class" and the "whites" are given the same treatment as lesser folk.

That's why calls to vote for this or that party, except in the smallest, 
most closely monitored local elections, seem naive or deluded and perhaps 
presuppose legitimacy for the US elections that I don’t think exists at this 


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