[Marxism] Communist, Democrats, and Trolls - My last post on the November 7 election

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 3 16:11:02 MST 2006

>geez...not only do i not post much, i don't read much either, do i get
>the boot for acknowledging this on-list...   mh

Well, Andrew unsubbed himself about 2 years or so ago because he told 
me that he didn't really find the list that useful. I have no idea 
what might have led him to resubscribe recently, except boredom perhaps.

I really don't mind if people unsub if the list does not meet their 
needs. Unlike the Marxist sects, we don't pressure people to maintain 
their subscriptions. I am sorry that Michael Hoover doesn't find the 
list that interesting either. I really try hard to make it 
interesting. Lord knows that the challenge of our epoch is to be 
interesting. Perhaps if in the course of his peregrinations through 
cyberspace he stumbles across a more interesting list than this one, 
he can share that information with us. We are all waiting with bated 
breath, I am sure, to participate in something that is more interesting. 

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