[Marxism] Ernesto Cardenal: Don't vote for false Sandinismo

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El Nuevo Diario (Managua)

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann

October 26, 2006

Sandinistas: Don't vote for false Sandinismo

The Sandinistas must not get confused: Daniel Ortega's FSLN[1] is not
Sandinismo, but its betrayal. To vote for Daniel is to vote for

Ernesto Cardenal

They made a pact that is still to be broken.

Thanks to that pact Daniel has governed together with Alemán. They
control the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Assembly, the
Comptroller's Office, the Attorney General's Office, the Federal
Office for Human Rights, and Supreme Electoral Council. Thanks to
that pact Alemán, sentenced to 20 years in prison, is now free, and
Byron Jerez was absolved of all blame. That's why Alemán could
shamelessly steal everything he wanted with the Sandinista's
blessing, and at the same time those in the Sandinista business bloc
have got extremely rich, mega-salaries are still being paid, and
there's been no opposition to demands by the International Monetary
Fund and the World Bank. Hence this poverty we have.

And, in addition to Daniel's alliance with Alemán, have you seen his
governmental platform? It accommodates contras (those who tortured
and killed), Somoza followers and EBBI agents. Daniel has even got
closer to "El Chigüín", who said to be very impressed with him.

Sandinistas: vote for true Sandinism!

We find true Sandinismo in the party of Herty Lewites, its spiritual
candidate, and Mundo Jarquín, which he himself chose; Carlos Mejía
Godoy; guerrilla commander Dora María Téllez "its president" and
commanders of the Revolution Henry Ruiz (Modesto), Víctor Tirado
López and Luis Carrión; guerrilla commanders Mónica Baltodano, Hugo
Torres and René Vivas; Víctor Hugo Tinoco; Sergio Ramírez; Gioconda
Belli; Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy; Luis Rocha; Fernando Cardenal;
Carlos Tünnermann; Miguel Ernesto Vigil; Daisy Zamora; Vidaluz
Meneses, and many other writers, artists, ambassadors and
revolutionary government ministers, as well as those who neither took
part in the piñata[2] nor made deals with the enemy, and many humble

The banner of Daniel's Sandinismo (which Sandino would have never
accepted) is that there's no enemy. UNIDA, NICARAGUA TRIUNFA (United,
Nicaragua triumphs) is his campaigning slogan, widespread throughout
the country. Three short words which are in truth three big lies.
Amazing that so few words can convey so much lie. "UNITED" is a phony
word. Daniel has caused a rift within Sandinismo, expelling Herty for
trying to run as a candidate for his party and driving thousands of
its members away from his caudillismo. NICARAGUA means nothing here.
To Daniel, that word encompasses him, Rosario, and the little piñata
gang. TRIUMPHS is a pointless term, its sole meaning that it a
victory would belong to him, Rosario and the said piñata gang, while
all of Nicaragua would lose.

Talking about a "united Nicaragua" is not a revolutionary thing to
do. Unity of exploiters and the exploited? Unity with thieves? With
Somoza followers? With criminals? The wealthy and the poor embraced,
while the former are always wealthy and the latter are always poor?
Is this the revolution? Is this Sandinismo? They preach a peace of
betrayal, in the style of blackthorns.

Remember Sandino: "The struggle continues"

The Ortega-Murillo program is bursting with words of love,
reconciliation, unity and religious mercy, but deep down there's
resentment, thirst for vengeance, arrogance and intolerance, behind
them their hypocrisy, lack of ethics, and light pink insanity.

Daniel also joined forces with Cardenal Obando, who so hated and hurt
Sandinismo, so much that he became a Cardenal. We've seen with
speechless wonder their campaign by radio and TV as well as in large
banners displayed everywhere: Obando, prince of reconciliation, the
FSLN supports you. And also Daniel's petition that the Nobel Prize
for Peace be granted to that champion of anti-Sandinismo and patron
of the contras. And we owe to Daniel that Obando's protégé Roberto
Rivas is presiding over the Supreme Electoral Council.

Daniel changes sides in every election to make us believe he's
changed. Actually, there's no truth in him. He betrayed the
revolution, first by taking out of the Sandinista anthem the line
that went "the yankee enemy of mankind" and then all of its lyrics,
replacing it with a different music. He changed the red and black
flag for a pink one.

Belying his demagogy with his actions, Daniel has fooled the Latin
American left-wing leaders who believe he represents the left here.
They may be deceived by distance, but we Nicaraguan Sandinistas may

Truth is, our masses have been long ignored from a political
viewpoint, and many follow Ortega's caudillismo submissively as a
result. Yet, before they cast their vote they must bear in mind that
Daniel and Alemán are partners who act on the fringes of the law.
They are both two separate mobsters. We've seen that embarrassing
close-up shot of them sitting at the same table, as happy as a lark.

It's not true that the Sandinistas must now "close ranks".

As revolutionaries you must now rebel

If you've been bribed or blackmailed, remember that when you cast
your vote you do it in SECRET. Seize the opportunity to get rid of
the caudillos Daniel and Alemán.

To whom do we owe that Cementera Nacional[3] is back in the hands of
the Somoza family? You've seen that drug-traffickers are coming to
Nicaragua; some of them bring a planeload of coke and then leave the
aircraft abandoned. And not one of them is in prison. Every drug
dealer has his price, and many pay millions of dollars to remain
free. Keep this in mind: not one drug-trafficker has been sent to

Don't believe those speeches filled with demagogy and so hollow and
pompous that their old-fashioned drone makes them sound phony. As
Gioconda Belli rightly said, "We can't trust the promises of those
who have let us down before". How to trust Daniel Ortega when he so
loudly claims to be with the poor and shows up in the poor
neighborhoods driving a Mercedes?

It's sad to see that the guerrillas we once admired are Nicaragua's
nouveaux riches today, all millionaire businessmen "one of them is
one of the wealthiest persons in Central America" not to mention
those who spend 15,000 or 20,000 dollars in a baptism, a fifteenth
birthday party or a wedding. Is that what so much blood was spilled

Some Sandinista tycoons sent their children to foreign countries on
scholarships originally designed to poor students who can't afford
such schools. They steal those scholarships from the poor. One of
Daniel Ortega's children got one scholarship that the Spanish
government had offered to the country's poor.

The heroic deed performed by the FSLN, Carlos Fonseca and thousands
of heroes and martyrs is now restricted to the Ortega-Murillo
marriage, where nobody but them gives the orders.

If it's wrong that the FSLN got so corrupted, it's even worse that it
could get back in power as such. It's a very bad thing that we lost
the revolution, but a false revolution is much worse. And that a
false revolution is in power is even worse.

The Frente Sandinista must be what it once was so that those who gave
their life for it didn't do it in vain.

Herty Lewites, who always had a joyful expression and not even his
enemies could help liking, risked his life to Rescue Sandinismo
despite his heart condition, and died for it. His death was a hard
blow, but he's now the movement's spiritual candidate. He was
replaced by Mundo Jarquín "whom he had chosen as his vice-president?
a professional committed to the poor and able to govern as such who
makes pacts with no one but the people. He's the only clean-handed
candidate, as recently remarked by Bianca Jagger, a woman whose
beauty has made famous but is even more distinguished for her defense
of every beautiful cause of the world. And as vice-president we would
have Carlos Mejía Godoy, Nicaragua's national singer-songwriter and
great singer of the revolution.

Everyone is free to vote for whoever they want, but must never do it
against their conscience. If you're a Sandinista you must not vote
for those who betrayed both Sandinismo and our dead.

Nicaragua's future is at stake, as is that of the great movement
Sandino created.

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