[Marxism] Communist, Democrats, and Trolls - My last post on the November 7 election

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Nov 3 16:44:34 MST 2006

Does it really come as any surprise that Andrew Austin didn't read what
others said on the list?  This was really the source of the problem.  He
just "talked at us" and never connected.  That's his choice.  I'm not
surprised, though.

Neither for Maggi said to be so impressed with his "ideas."  But she avoided
reading the other half of the exchange so assiduously that she didn't get
Les' warning about not having names of list members in the subject line.

This is the problem of discussions by email, of course.  It requires
everyone involved to want to discuss and exchange ideas.  If it's just a
platform, what's the point?  Just put up webpages.


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