[Marxism] On the 2006 elections in the USA

Midhurst14 at aol.com Midhurst14 at aol.com
Fri Nov 3 23:01:06 MST 2006

Of the charges typical of the mud Republicans are raining on Democrats,  
buggery is the top theme. In California, Republican incumbent John Doolittle  
accuses his challenger of being a paedophile because he is a member of the  
American Civil Liberties Union. Other topics are Democrats and non-paedophilic  sex, 
Democrats and drugs, Democrats and Osama-bin-Laden, flag burning, illegal  
immigrants, phoning sex hotlines, gay marriage, lesbians and feminists,  
infanticide,racial quotas, space aliens, Jesse Jackson, preying on our children  and 
child molestation. Democrats tie Republicans to Bush and the Iraq war-Jacob  

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