[Marxism] Notes on David Brion Davis' review

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Sat Nov 4 05:33:10 MST 2006

hey rakesh:

I mostly agree with what you say.  weren't the irish sent to the 
caribbean during cromwellian conquest slaves, basically?  allen also 
discusses the scottish salt miners, also enslaved.

one might try to save the "essential differences" thesis by arguing 
that they were not white.  but this is just epicycles.

I do have one question for you:  allen's main point in volume one for 
the social construction of "race,'  thus the invention of the white 
race, is closely tied to his arguments around what he calls the "irish 
mirror."  and the point of this analysis is to take the parallel 
between white supremacy, thus anti black racism in continental 
plantation colonies, and "religio-racial oppression" in Ireland very 
seriously.  on surface, you would then have a disagreement with allen, 
since presumably you would not want to extend the term "racism" to the 
irish case.

at any rate, I think most of the differences between you and allen or 
you and me are terminological.  still, allen wants to define racism 
primarily as a relation of subordination--racial oppression, whatever 
various peoples might think of each other-- whereas you seem to lean 
more on the specific ideological--pseudoscientific--mechanism of 

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