[Marxism] Murderous in Gaza

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Nov 3 18:11:02 MST 2006

Things are very bad now for the people of Palestine. American plans to force a civil war seem close to fruition.  Abbas and the thuggish attack dog, Mohammed Dahlan, are poised and ready to slaughter those who would resist capitulation to Israel.

What prevents them from initiating the killing fields is that they have to wait their turn.  The IDF is exercising its ancient droit de siegneur.  Custom and privilege dictates that it gets the first kill.

So Dahlan and Abbas will have to be a little more patient and await their turn to do the bidding of the likes of Rice & co.  But their turn at the slaughterbench of history will no doubt come.

In the meantime in Gaza the heroic IDF has raised the standard of war crimes to an all time high. How proud Himmler & co would have been of them.

The latest killings of the women who bravely rushed to rescue their men surrounded by the butchers surely stands out as a fitting testment to the Zionist myth.  Truly a light unto the nations has been lit. May it turn out to be a conflagration that will consume those who massacre the innocent.

I was unable to play the visuals of the La Republica video of the slaughter <palestinianpundit.blogspot.com>.  I could however listen to the audio track.  There were shouts of women; then repeated volleys of gunfire and screams; then the loud wailing that Arab women do.

I just cannot bear to watch the coverage of these events on the mainstream media. But some of it filters through. I can though imagine the hurt and the anger it causes in the Arab world.  

But really this is the dark before the dawn.  On the palestinian.blogspot.com there was a link  to the Mike Whitney Counter Punch article wich contained this quote from a conservative:

"As Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) said in the November issue of Foreign Affairs, "The American era in the Middle East, the fourth in the region's modern history, has ended." All that's left is to sweep up the pieces of a failed policy and head home."

Such a statement in the in-house journal of the American Right is very significant. A defeat for America in Iraq now seems certain.  What is in doubt is the scale of that defeat and whether it can be dressed up as a victory. They might be able to pull that off. Just might. However should Bush & Co decide to go for broke and perform the 'bomb em into the stone-age option' on Iran there will be no containing the horrendous consequences.

In any case American power is weakening and with it inevitably so will that of the Israeli killing machine. The avatar cannot survive long survive the death of the master. 

At that time these now unheralded sacrifices of the brave Palestinian people will receive full recognition and Palestine will be.



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