[Marxism] Slavery and Race [was: Notes on David Brion Davis' review]

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Sat Nov 4 07:20:47 MST 2006

yes mark:  linebaugh and rediker are good supplements here.  it's not 
that allen saw no multiracial options.  he was just asking different 
questions.  he was zeroing in on "white identity," as a normative (as 
opposed to descriptive) force.
> Most notably, Allen sees no multi-racial options, which are there in 
> the
> various subcultures at the edges of New World society (maroons, 
> pirates,
> etc.).
> Also, the native presence is almost beneath notice.
> Most importantly for us--and this isn't Allen's fault--the "whiteness" 
> is
> elaborated into a key insight into the US history despite the obvious 
> fact
> that Allen researched and wrote very little about the mainland North
> American colonies or the future United States.  If we understand the 
> nature
> of race, we need to be particularly careful about letting the evidence 
> for
> these different experiences and contexts speak for themselves.
> ML
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