[Marxism] Re: [foil] article by Joaquin Bustelo on Class Consciousness vs Americanism / White Male( Worker)'s world view

Sukla Sen suklasenp at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 20:23:16 MST 2006

Confronted with frustrating failures, the easy lure of
identity politics, or some variation, becomes for many
of us rather irresistible.
But this is no silver bullet either. It has its own
limitations despite some significant positive aspects
at times.

(In India) Lalu does not go with Mulayam, Mulayam and
Mayavati are at each other's throat. 
The rising voice of Islamic clerics pose grave threats
to Muslim women.
Blacks do not go with the Latinos and vice versa.
Indian and Iranian masses/workers did not stir on on
Feb. 15 2003 against impending War on Iraq.
(And what were the social/racial/gender composition of
the titanic and unprecedented mass mobilisations in
the North on that day? Admittedly London was an

So we must come to terms with the reality that there
is just no easy way out. There is no magic escape

Nor the East is privileged with any intrinsic
superiority over the West. And whether we like it or
hate it, the values of Renaissance/Enlightenment -
putting humans at the centre of the social universe,
dislodging divinity, and legitimisation of parity
amongst the humans all across the board, will have to
be the foundational element, albeit to be developed
further, of an emerging universal morality and social
order but not of course without a panoply/multitude of
cultural expressions. 
The traditional cultural/ethical elements with
specific local roots - in consonance with these
values, will also have to be utilised and built upon
as positive resources.


--- Venugopalan K M <kmvenuannur at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sayan,
> The mentioned article [posted recently on Marxmail
> Joaquin Bustelo, a  member of the US socialist group
> Solidarity] you reproduced in response  to
> the posting by Sukla
> Sen  in the foil digest Vol 1 issue 5, seems to be
> immensely relevant for
> the ongoing debate. Except this acknowledgement I
> don't want to add anything
> now.
> Thanks to  everyboby .
> K.M.Venu.

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