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Sat Nov 4 17:51:30 MST 2006

Thanks to Louis for posting the wonderful obituary of Peter Fryer. It is sad, 
of course ,to hear of his death but what a life to celebrate.

Central to his life was his magnificent work in bringing the truth of the 
Hungarian uprising to the world. It seems to be almost fitting that it is at the 
50th anniversary of that defining event in the exposure of Stalinist 
bureaucracy that Fryer has died.

It is also a sad reminder of the failure of the Trotskyist movement to gain 
the political advantage that it should have from the events. True  in Britain 
,particularly, the Healy group did an effective intervention and won a layer of 
people from the Stalinist ranks. But the waste of that is symbolised by the 
driving out of Fryer and the shutting down of any real discussion over the 
years in favour of Healy's dictats.

Fryer prevailed and his life and work stays as an inspiration to those of us 
who want to learn a way to build an effective revolutionary leadership rather 
than the bastardised version of Leninism that took hold of the WRP in Britain 
and the SWP in the US and their affiliated groups around the world.

A final point-it is astonishing that in recent discussions on Marxmail and 
other lists there has been a concerted effort to re-assert the old slanders 
against the Hungarian workers of the 56 uprising and their champion Peter Fryer 
and to defend the USSR invasion as a defence against counter-revolution.

It was , as history has shown, the bureaucracy  in the USSR that was the 
enemy and threat to socialism and the heroic Hugarian workers and Fryer who were 
its real defenders.
Greg Adler

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