[Marxism] peter fryer

Raffaella Moreira raffaellamoreira at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 5 08:51:04 MST 2006


I just read your article "in defense of peter fryer" and felt very
glad that he has friends still defending his name. my name is
raffaella, i am his grandaughter.
I'm afraid i carry bad news. Peter Fryer died in the early hours of
tuesday morning. This is sad news for us all- those who knew him
through his political career and the impact he had during the
hungarian revolution, those of us who knew him as a social historean,
fighting for equal rights & equal recognition for the black community,
and for those of us who knew him as a man, a great man, who touched
the lives of those he met.
I felt that i must write this in honour of his memory, and what he
always told me-
"to leave error uncorrected is to encourage intellectual immoralty"
a truly wonderful man,

Raffaella Fryer-Moreira

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