[Marxism] The only meaningful election this year

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 5 10:02:52 MST 2006

Marty Goodman 11/05/06

Below is the "text only" version of a campaign flyer for my 
re-election to the Executive Board of TWU Local 100 from Station 
Department. I am running as an independent.

For those of you that can open it, I've included the original layout 
as an attachment. E-mail me if you cannot open it.

Lastly, would you like to help my campaign? Call me at 212-781-5157 
if you do. Thank you.



You may recognize me as the guy who brings information to your booth 
or CTA location. If you work in Manhattan like me, then you know that 
I'm out there year in, year out, not just at election time. You may 
have also seen me in the media fighting for a decent contract and a 
bigger share of the MTA surplus. On the Executive Board, I voted 
"yes" to strike for the membership's agenda, not Toussaint's. I voted 
a big 'hell  no' to going back without a contract. I voted "no" to 
contract givebacks!

This time, I'm not running on a slate but as an independent candidate 
for my 4th term on the Executive Board. I will not compromise my 
commitment to a fighting TWU. Not running on a slate makes it harder 
to win - but with some extra help from you, we can keep the fight 
going. I'm a Station Agent and got more votes than any other Exec. 
Board candidate in the last three elections.


Unlike others, Goodman doesn't just criticize union officers without 
first addressing how we can use our power to beat transit. In 2006, 
he called for mass membership action against arbitration and for a 
contract. No one can beat his record:

During each contract fight, he played a key role in exposing the 
MTA's lies, givebacks and rip-offs. Fought chump-change raises that 
lag inflation, despite huge MTA surpluses. Also fought against the 
1.5% health care deduction rip-off and for job security. Fought for 
extra Javits Center mass meetings to prepare and organize before last 

Key organizer of the first protests at Jay Street 
against  'progressive discipline' in the mid-1990's. Those protests 
made discipline a local-wide issue. Goodman initiated the "Roger 
Toussaint Defense Committee" in '98. He fought the T.A. frame-up of 
CTA Chair Jose Serrano. Opposed T.A. bigots who denied the right to 
wear Muslim headdress and Sikh religious turban.

He was the only opponent of the sellout 1993 Automated Fare 
Collection (AFC) agreement, rammed-through without protest from 
Toussaint supporter Recording Secretary Darlyne Lawson, then a 
Station officer. The agreement set the stage for massive booth 
closings. He organized the first pickets and wrote the first flyers 
to save side-windows, keep booths open, and stop SCA.

Opposed Hall-Seda-James contracts that sacrificed CTA's.
Fought introduction of anti-union WEP program that robbed CTAs of 
work and O.T. (but defended WEP worker rights). During the '90's, led 
successful campaigns to turn on giant fans at 168th St. during 
summer. CTA's worked in 100 degree heat! In '03, he began the 
community fight to save uptown elevator jobs. 200 residents picketed 
in a blizzard to save CTA jobs!

An outspoken opponent of Toussaint's dictatorial methods and a leader 
in the fight for union democracy and free speech. Filed charges 
against Toussaint over his June 10th comments against so-called 
'dissidents.' Said Toussaint, "Members should drive them out with 
baseball bats." Also, defended the CTA's right to elect CTA Chair 
Jose Serrano, fired from staff by Toussaint during Christmas 2003 
after Serrano beat the Toussaint candidate 2 to 1.

Toussaint preaches unity; the false unity of dictatorship. His crew 
in Station spread lies about me in a way dictatorships do. Why? His 
staff values cushy jobs and higher pay more than serving us. 
Meanwhile, members are going broke, even though the MTA criminals 
raked-in a $1 billion surplus in '05 and '06. Many of us must 
slave-away doing crazy O.T.

No matter who wins the presidency members need an independent voice 
on the Executive Board, one not interested in a cushy job at 80 West 
End.  If you want to help, call me today at 212-781-5157.



Goodman is running as an independent. You must follow these simple 
steps when voting for him or your vote won't count. On the ballot DO 
NOT mark a box next to a slate's name on top, only mark boxes next to 
a person's name. You can vote for Goodman and anyone else.

  1. Check the box next to Goodman's name.
  2. Then, check up to 5 more names that you trust for Exec. Board 
(Station has 6 total).
  3. For President on down, only check boxes next to names that you trust.

Again, do not check boxes for slates, just individuals. Call 
212-781-5157 for more info. Please pass this on. Your extra help is needed!


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