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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 5 10:19:52 MST 2006

Esteemed Raffaela -

Thanks for your message. When the news came of Fryer's death I pulled
out my copies of Hungarian Tragedy, Hungary and the Communist Party
(self-published), and his 1959 book, The Battle For Socialism. 

In his 1959 THE BATTLE FOR SOCIALISM, Fryer wrote these words which 
seem like they could have been written yesterday, or today: 

Latin America with its twenty republics and population of over 100
million people was for long a wide-open playground for imperialism.
When Spanish rule ended, imperialist hegemony in most areas of the
continent passed to Britain, who was only displaced finally by the
USA at the end of the second world war. For a decade or more U.S.
imperialism has been the main bastion of support for brutal
dictatorships and military juntas throughout Latin America. Recently,
however, and particularly intthe past year, the peopls's movements
aganist imperialism and for economic independence have scored a
number of important successes. Dictatorships have been overthwown and
replaced by more popular regimes committed, at least formally, to the
protection of national resources against the depredations of the U.S.
monopolies. The victor of Fidel Castro's forces in Cuba is only the
most recent in a series of events which has included the ending of
dictatorships in Peru and Colombia and the overthrow of the hated
Jimenez regime n Venezuela. Today only three thoroughgoing military
dictatorships remain -- in Dominica, Nicaragua and Paraguay -- and
while there is nothing like a workerks' government in power
elsewhere, nevertheless there are great mass movements afoot which
have won the first victories against reactio and in some cases,
notably Chile, are moving forward into a direct right for socaialism.

Despite repression, torture, reacthioary legislation, the rigging fo
elections and the use of armed force against thenm, the workers and
the colonial peols are beginning to feel their strength. World
imperialism knows tha, and prepares new repressions, which are the
measure of its desperation and its bankruptcy.


I'm aware that Fryer left the Socialist Labour League and continued
to work as an activist on the literary and cultural levels, but have
no idea if he had further organizational connections. It would be a
great thing if some of his work was available online.


Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles

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