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November 6, 2006 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor:  Reading in The New York Times about the friendship
between the Bush and the Lamont families brought to mind once again the
similarities between the Republicrooks and the Democraps (to borrow the
words of Joel Hirschhorn). Some actually believe that a vote for Lamont
is a vote for the working people -- just the kind of twisted thinking
that inspired Jan Baughman's electoral cartoon. Don't get too excited
about the electoral circus leaving town and the fresh smell of "change"
in the air. We'll have the post-game analysis, the posturing, the
repositioning, and when all is said and done the spotlight will shine
fully on Campaign 2008, when the Third Way New Democrats will reinvent
themselves once again to appeal to fake progressives and arch-
conservatives alike, since nothing really will have changed. It's enough
to make you want to turn the channel and just watch the Evangelicals and
closet Republicans implode. Except it's not funny, and we'll keep talking
until we're blue (or Green, as it were) in the face about the need to
stop with the "useful idiots" strategy (or is it tactics?) and support
Third-Party candidates and vote on the issues.

On to less banal matters, Professor Aleksandar Jokic has provided a
summary of his excellent essay on genocidalism -- a quintessentially
Western phenomenon -- and the sociopolitical conditions that foster it.
It's a useful tool for maintaining the Long War, particularly when
international law is trumped by domestic, and it helps that the majority
have little knowledge of non-Western cultures. Case in point,
Afghanistan, which Milo Clark has been focusing on with the help of
former NPR correspondent Sarah Chayes's new book. That lack of knowledge
is also what helps labels like "Islamo-fascist" stick, yet Philip
Greenspan won't be snowed; he took the time to research the history and
definition of fascism. His conclusion may or may not come as a surprise.

Peter Byrne is alive and well following the recent invasion in Italy --
by Eugenio Barba's experimental theatre troupe. Peter shares the
experience of the October Surprise and all its idiosyncrasies, and he
still took the occasion to review Moris Farhi's "Young Turk." For his
part, Charles Marowitz was inspired to remark on a review of Leszek
Kolakowski's Main Currents of Marxism; and some humor -- we can't get
enough humor -- is brought to you by Robert Wrubel in the character of a
novice (and nubile?) blogophile, a story that the scowling subjects of
Gerard Donnelly Smith's poem would be well served to read. Finally, the
Blips share some snippets on culture in the boonies, no longer an
oxymoron thanks to modern technology; and your letters, from Eli
Beckerman inside the Green-Rainbow campaign (go Eli!) and more.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes)
know about Swans.


Revolutionaries For Democrats  -  Cartoon by Jan Baughman

The Democratic Salvation And The Idiotic Left  -  Gilles d'Aymery

The Unbanality Of Genocidalism  -  Aleksandar Jokic

Afghanistan: Who, What, Where, When, And Why?  -  Milo Clark

Has Fascism Arrived In The U.S.?  -  Philip Greenspan

Italy Invaded By Troupes Armed With Theory  -  Peter Byrne

Re-Marx  -  Charles Marowitz

Moris Farhi's "Young Turk"  -  Book Review by Peter Byrne

Peace Kitten, Where Are You?  -  Humor by Robert Wrubel

Root Out These Negative Attitudes  -  Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith

Blips #43 - From the Martian desk  -  Gilles d'Aymery

Your Letters


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