[Marxism] Communist, Democrats, and Trolls - My last post on the November 7 election

Michael Hoover mhhoover at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 13:10:59 MST 2006

On 11/3/06, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> >geez...not only do i not post much, i don't read much either, do i get
> >the boot for acknowledging this on-list...   mh
> Well, Andrew unsubbed himself about 2 years or so ago because he told
> me that he didn't really find the list that useful. I have no idea
> what might have led him to resubscribe recently, except boredom perhaps.
> I really don't mind if people unsub if the list does not meet their
> needs. Unlike the Marxist sects, we don't pressure people to maintain
> their subscriptions. I am sorry that Michael Hoover doesn't find the
> list that interesting either. I really try hard to make it
> interesting. Lord knows that the challenge of our epoch is to be
> interesting. Perhaps if in the course of his peregrinations through
> cyberspace he stumbles across a more interesting list than this one,
> he can share that information with us. We are all waiting with bated
> breath, I am sure, to participate in something that is more interesting.

i unbubbed from this list some years ago and remained unsubbed for
some years (maybe 4)...

perhaps i don't spend as much time on-line as some (maybe many for all
i know), i'll admit to having become bored with e-lists at some point
which largely explains why i dropped out,...

principal reason that i came back - and why i remain - was items about
stuff i am interested in, of course, i could peruse marxmail archive
for these but i like having them delivered...

for whatever any of above is worthwhile, don't think much...   mh

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