[Marxism] Bernie Sanders and imperialist war

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 5 19:31:16 MST 2006

Well, some people just can't take "yes" for an answer,
so they condemn Sanders for now being against the war!

Back during the Vietnam era as well, some wise souls
condemned those who had voted in favor of the war at
one point, but later changed their minds. They didn't
want us to have politicians who had voted for the war
speaking at our demonstrations. Those politicians only
said the war was a "mistake" or that it "wasn't in the
national interest". Remember:

	The foolish and the dead alone
	never change their positions.
	-- James Russell Lowell, poet

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
Well, that's the whole point. Back then it took guts 
to oppose the war. Nowadays it is politically expedient. 
Sanders is the consummate politician, despite his 
"socialist" pretensions. 

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