[Marxism] AMLO announces his official cabinet

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President Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announces 
his official cabinet

Mexico's Legitimate President Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
announces his official cabinet

Dear Sirs,

As you may probably know, our Legitimate President Elect has already
announced his official cabinet integrated, among other prominent
people, by Mr. José Agustín Ortíz Pinchetti, as Head of the
Secretarat of Politic Affairs; Mr. Gustavo Iruega, to head the
Secretariat of International Affairs, former Attorney General of
Mexico City Mr. Bernardo Batiz, to lead the Secretariat of Justice
and Security; Mrs. Claudia Sheinbaum in charge of the Defense of
National Resources such as the Oil Industry (PEMEX), etc., from
attempts of privatization by foreign companies; Mrs. Raquel Sosa to
head the Secretariat of Education, Science and Technology, which will
have as its priority the defense of free, secular and public
education at all levels. Mr. Lopez Obrador will be also assisted by a
group of specialists in different ambits such as renowned writer
Elena Poniatowska, businessman and specialist in economics, Mr.
Rogelio Ramirez de la O., journalist Federico Arreola (recently cut
off from the newspaper he founded just for supporting Lopez Obrador),
Ignacio Marvan and Jose María Perez Gay.

Mr. Cockcroft, Stephen Lendman, and other highly prestigious writers
and journalists have been objectively discussing and broadcasting the
real reasons behind the countless illegitimate activities to prevent
Mr. Lopez Obrador from reaching the presidency of Mexico, perpetrated
--as many of us are already aware-- by the right-wing group currently
in power with the support of the right-wing in the United States and
Spain, mainly, and the mercenary media in Mexico and abroad.

History has taught us about the criminal actions by the different USA
governments aided by their accomplices in countries like Guatemala,
El Salvador, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, to
name just a few nations that have suffered the abusive intervention
of the White House, the Pentagon, in cahoots with the high clergy,
the WB and IMF, the mainstream media, which like those in support of
Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, etc., are part of the same goal: global
domination of resources...evidently, the fact that a leftist
administration headed by Mr. Lopez Obrador meant a serious threat to
such designs was the real reason for the past fraudulent election.

To us, members of the National Democratic Convention along with the
efforts of the National Ample Progressive Front, integrated by the
three political parties that formed the Coalition for the Good of All,
it is of paramount importance to continue our efforts to counteract
the attacks of the retrograde right-wing mafia supported by the
powerful corporations and banking institutions who view
Mr. Lopez Obrador, the National Democratic Convention
and the National Progressive Front, as a threat.

With our most respectful regards,

Patricia Barba Avila
Coordination of International Media
barba.patricia at gmail.com

Mex Legislators Start Resistance Gov't

Mexico, Nov 4 (Prensa Latina) With the presentation of opposition
leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's collaborator team, Mexico starts
its resistance government, parliamentary coordinators of the PRD
(Partido de Revolucion Democratica) stated Saturday.

Deputy Carlos Navarrete stated that Friday presentation of the
supporting group by former presidential candidate was a "pleasant
surprise," because this concerns people with conviction, capacity of
struggle and experience in administration.

Navarrete highlighted that collaborators will send their initiatives
of laws and agreements to the Mexican National Congress, to be
approved by PRD deputies and senators.

He stated that legislators will parallel continue with social
mobilizations in favor of Lopez Obrador and the Frente Amplio
Progresista party, and presenting reforms in the Deputy Chamber and
the Senate.

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