[Marxism] Candidate Kennedy on the Congo

Michael Hoover mhhoover at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 12:24:47 MST 2006

Following is the text of a telegram Senator John F. Kennedy
transmitted to the Honorable Christian Herter, Secretary of State,
September 5, 1960:

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I am concerned
about reports that the NATO base in Athens has been fueling Russian
planes en route to the Congo which have been used for purposes hostile
to the efforts of the United Nations.

I would appreciate information as to the following:
1. Is this report true?
2. If true, how long has this fueling been going on and how many
planes have been
3. For what purposes were these planes used in the Congo?
4. If true, is the fueling continuing?
5. What effort is the United States making to have this practice ceased?
6. Is the base under the control of NATO or the Greek authorities?
7. Who has financed the construction of the base?

I am extremely concerned as I know you are about expanding Communist
influence in the Congo. I regard the Congo as a Russian test for the
United Nations and I feel the U.N. should be given every possible
means of support and that Russian intervention should be discouraged.

I would appreciate your forwarding a response to me tomorrow (Tuesday)
at the Olympic Hotel in Seattle, Wash.



As chairman of the Senate Subcommittee of African Affairs, I have been
disturbed by recent evidence of Russian infiltration and subversion in
the Congo. This concern was deepened by today's newspaper report that
Russian planes on their way to the Congo had not only been flying over
the airspace of our allies but are actually landing and refueling at a
North Atlantic Treaty Organization airbase in Athens

These Russian flights have a single purpose: To further Russian aims
in Africa, to bring the cold war to the Congo, and to undermine the
freedom and newly won independence of the African people. We must not
allow our NATO bases to become an unwitting instrument of such an
effort, which is being carried on in defiance of the United Nations,
of world opinion, and of the hopes of all of those who wish for peace.
If further investigation shows that this report is accurate our
Government owes the American people a full explanation of this
situation and an explanation of what is being done to keep Russia from
establishing a new satellite, this time in the heart of Africa.

date of kennedy's telegram corresponds to cia's orchestration of
patrice lumumba's deposing, congolese parliament's affirmation of
lumumba notwithstanding, he was placed under house arrest several days
later, cia installed mobutu a couple of days after that...

lumumba government's request for soviet help had come in midst of u.n.
footdragging (influenced by u.s. gov't) on implementation of
resolution 143 under which belgian troops were to leave the congo...

belgian army not only remained in the congo, belgian officers were
present at the torturing and execution of lumumba three days prior to
kennedy's inauguration...   mh

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