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Mon Nov 6 15:23:18 MST 2006

I have attached below a letter (with Voter Guide) being circulated by
UFPJ - NYC, according to which there is only one race within the city
in which an anti-war candidate is running against a pro-war
candidate.(!!) I am absolutely appalled  - if not in the least
surprised - by the brazen and craven capitualtion to lesser-evilism.
That is to completely ignore all the many races in which anti-war
candidates - OUTSIDE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY - are contending. There
are many forces within the orbit of UFPJ who in good faith support the
Green Party (and others) including those who had supported 'left'
democrats in the primaries. I understand that many of the UFPJ
affiliates have focused their energies solely and exclusively on the
Democrats  but for UFPJ to seemingly endorse this, and in this most
arrogant of fashions, again raises questions about  UFPJ's stated
commitment to building a truly broad-based movement.



Dear fellow UFPJ-ers,

I want to thank you for your help in distributing Peace Voter Guides for
the Staten Island/Brooklyn Congressional Race between Vito Fossella (R)
and Steven Harrison (D).  This is the only race in NYC between a pro-war
and anti-war candidate.

You took the entire stack down in the UFPJ office and we had to make
more copies!  UFPJ volunteers J.C. and Michael handed out hundreds at
the ferry terminal Friday night.  On Saturday, I was proud to be with
some Staten Island veterans & friends on a Walk for Democracy: we walked
the entire length of Staten Island (16 miles) and passed out voter
guides as we went to people at super markets and on the street and
tucked the guides into front doors.  Our pictures & a story made the
Staten Island Advance in an article entitled "Democracy is not a
spectator sport"  ( see

Melissa Van is bringing in more Peace Voter Guides on Monday.  Please
let volunteers in your organization that we could use the help getting
out the guides at the express bus stops in Manhattan and at the ferry
terminal Monday and Tuesday afternoon.  Anything you can do will be so
completely appreciated.

Sally Jones
Peace Action New York State
DOWNLOAD VOTER GUIDE AT http://www.panys.org/images/SIPeaceVoter.pdf


The 13^th Congressional district covers ALL of Staten Island, and PARTS
of Brooklyn (Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, and Gravesend)

You can reach these voters IN MANHATTAN by handing out Peace VoterGuides
at EXPRESS BUS STOPS and the FERRY TERMINAL or at busy locations within
District 13.

Leaflet at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, 1 Whitehall Street at South
Monday, November 6, 4 pm to 8 pm  (you can leaflet outside the terminal
without a permit)
Tuesday, November 7, 4 pm to 8 pm (you can leaflet outside the terminal
without a permit)

Leaflet at Staten Island & Brooklyn Express Bus Stops in Manhattan.
(Look for any bus X1 thru X38, except X29) from 4 pm to 6 pm. Here are
suggested locations on where to leaflet:

    * Battery Place and Greenwich Street
    * Worth St. and Broadway
    * Broadway and 23rd Street
    * 5th Ave.and 41st or 42nd St
    * 6th Ave.and Central Park South
    * E. 57th St. and 3rd Ave.

T: 212-868-5545

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