[Marxism] markedivity [was: Slavery and Race]

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Nov 6 15:39:30 MST 2006

Greg's last post left me flabberghasted and confused....specifically by the
entire question of markedness and nonmarkedness, when you wrote, "the
unmarked character of whiteness--dukakis as presidential candidate--itself
has a history though.  when the discourse circled around white man's burden,
it was not unmarked."

What exactly is it about the whiteness that was burdened but unmarked or,
subsequently marked and unburdened?  And, in the nature of the markedness,
what is the dudakisativity?

Of course, it might be that this is why my encounters with postmodernism and
whiteness leave me grabbing for the bottle...or the aspirin bottle,
whichever comes first....

Mark L

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