[Marxism] The struggle for Gay rights in Israel

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Nov 7 00:40:55 MST 2006

Ha'aretz has a report on the controversy over the proposed  Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem this Friday. There have been riots and violent protests from the Orthodox community.  Last year's parade was attacked and three participants were knifed.

I snipped this almost amusing piece from the Ha'aretz article.

_"The two chief rabbis called an emergency meeting where they harshly attacked the organizers of the parade, scheduled for Friday, and called the planned event a "threatening plot."

"We were horrified to hear of the threatening plot that an abominated minority of our brothers is planning, convening to carry out abominations that make them the lowest of people," the rabbis wrote in a statement.

"Everyone from toddlers to the elderly will join in the streets and bitterly protest this awful abomination that is desecrating Israel's name throughout the nations," read the statement, calling on the public to oppose the event peacefully. "Of course they will do this [protest] in the appropriate way without violence or harm to property."_

What is especially iroic about this is that the IDF has just finished a slaughter fest in Gaza killing over 50 Palestinians including firing on unarmed women.  The good rabbis did not think to condemn that deed which has done more to desecrate Israel than any Gay parade.



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