[Marxism] On Saddam Verdict

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Tue Nov 7 01:26:37 MST 2006

Good press statement on Saddam death sentence on the Solidarity  website.
    Solidarity Statement on  Saddam Verdict     Monday, 06 November  2006    
n 46 BC the captured Gallic leader, Vercingetorix, on  the way to his 
execution, was paraded through the streets of Rome by  Caesar to mark the fifth 
anniversary of his victorious campaign to quell  revolt in Gaul and Germania, a 
campaign which secured the Roman Empire’s  European possessions for many years to 

On Sunday, November  5, 2006, pictures of Saddam Hussein in the dock 
receiving the death  sentence at the end of a nine month 'show trial' were beamed 
around the  world - a world increasingly controlled by a new Roman Empire with  
Washington DC its centre of power. 

Over two thousand years  separate the ignominious end of Vercingetorix and 
Saddam Hussein at the  hands of an imperial behemoth, yet the parallels are 
striking. Simply put,  both men stood up to the prevailing global power and both 
were destroyed.  

_http://www.solidarityscotland.org/_ (http://www.solidarityscotland.org/)  

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