[Marxism] Democratic salvation?

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The Democratic Salvation And The Idiotic Left
by Gilles d'Aymery

     "We have no political parties. We've never 
had much of them -- I mean the Democrats, the 
Republicans. We have one party -- we have the 
party of essentially corporate America. It has 
two right wings, one called Democratic, one 
called Republican. So in the absence of politics, 
with a media that is easy to manipulate and, in 
the hands of very few people with interests in 
wars and oil and so on, I don't see how you get 
the word out, but one tries because there is nothing else to be done."
     —Gore Vidal, interviewed by Mark Davis, 
Dateline, SBS TV, Australia, March 12, 2003.

(Swans - November 6, 2006)  What do American 
fake-Progressives, busy signing liberal 
manifestos, self-defined pseudo-Marxists, and 
laptop-Revolutionaries do when they want to fight 
the Republicrooks du jour? Do they unite and 
promote third-party candidates like the many 
worthy of consideration in the Green Party? Do 
they fight for, and advocate change? Do they come 
with proposals, platforms, no-nonsense politics? 
Some do and some don't, in lengthy essays and 
posts all over the blogosphere, but in any case, 
when the time comes for another biennial election 
cycle, whether congressional or presidential, 
they tend to have second thoughts. Things are so 
dire, the danger so grave -- Bush is a moron, 
incompetent in waging war, a fascist in disguise 
-- that one should put aside the long-term 
strategy of change and adopt a more flexible and 
short-term tactic. In other words, these people, 
again from the softest of the soft to the hard 
left, get suddenly united by the siren of 
expediency: They strongly advocate to vote for 
what Joel Hirschhorn, the author of Delusional 
Democracy, calls the Democraps. Then with the 
elections over, win or lose, they go back to 
their "progressive," pseudo-Marxist, or 
revolutionary fancies, discoursing on the merits 
of uniting again for the long struggle toward a 
better world...till the next time (that will be 
in 2008). As these useful idiots know well, the 
differences between the Republicrooks and the 
Democraps are of the order of night and day, no 
less. Here is a clear demonstration:

On October 19, 2006, during a symposium on 
Detainee Treatment & Trials at George Washington 
University, Washington, DC, former Chief & 
Special Adviser, CIA Counterterrorism Center, 
Michael Scheuer candidly, though in guarded 
terms, explained that what is now known as 
"extraordinary rendition" -- the secret transfer 
of prisoners from country A to country B -- is a 
program that was created in 1995 by the CIA upon 
the order of then-President W. J. Clinton. 
Furthermore, while much has been said about the 
unusual secrecy of the Bush administration, Wake 
Forest University Law Professor Robert Chesney 
summarized his research on the doctrine of State 
Secret Privilege. He found that the Bush 
administration's use of that doctrine was far 
from being unprecedented. The motion to dismiss a 
lawsuit on state secret privilege was exercised 
38 times in the past 53 years (since 1953) -- 25 
times before 2000. Overall, according to 
Professor Chesney, the motions were granted in 
whole or in part 26 times. During that same 
period, deference to the executive branch by the 
courts has remained consistent and high. The Bush 
administration, he concludes, is not doing 
anything different from preceding US administrations.

full: http://www.swans.com/library/art12/ga218.html

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