[Marxism] How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

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Carrol wrote:

C: This keeps coming up, but I really don't see how it is relevant to

I'll explain why I think it is relevant.

C: Everyone on this list supposedly takes for granted that  the capitalist
class is oppressive, repressive, & in general supportive of bad things.

But this is not about the capitalist class in general.  It is about a family
which has produced two presidents.

C: And a large part of the population of the u.s. today _passively_ is of
the opinion that the Bush administration is a bust, particularly in its war

Apparently not enough to stop Bush from having two terms as president.  Very

C: So how in the hell do "exposes" of grandfathers, great-uncles, etc etc
accomplish anything but deflect attention from _today's_ quite public

On the contrary they reinforce the message that these are criminals against

C: It seems to be just another version of the premises behind conspiracy
theory, i.e., capitalism would be o.k. if we could get rid of the secret

That is a complete red herring, a case of random association, and the
dragging up of a pet hobby horse.  It is an insult to say that someone is
suggesting that capitalism would be okay without the Bushs -- one hastily
made and obviously not thought out.

Just as "Hail to the thief" is a good counter to the adulation given to the
office, so reminders, to ourselves and the "passive" people we are trying to
persuade, about the moral and legal criminality of the thief's family are
good motivators.  I don't see why an e-mail list shouldn't be a place to
exchange useful resources for agitation.

James Daly

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