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(Juana Carrasco Martin has been one of Cuba's leading journalsts
for over thirty years. She's a regular participant in the daily
Mesa Redonda news discussion program, and writes on a very wide
variety of topics.)

November 1, 2006

Oh Miami! and Barbra Streisand

By: Juana Carrasco Martín 
e-mail: internac at jrebelde.cip.cu

Bárbara StreisandHere, eat this! And the booze thrown from a glass
soaked Barbra Streisand during a concert, just because she had
publicly said exactly the same that most Americans think about George
W. Bush: dreadful thoughts. But in that city such thing is a no-no.
Small wonder that one day this city, with its wiles and tricks, put
him in the White House, and every local narrow-minded and extremist
character keep grooving on him as the macho, warmongering,
ultraconservative idol who keeps ramming the blockade down the Cuban
people’s throats.

The act of this rabid nobody –whom the Miami newspapers neither
identified nor described– was followed by the frenzied insults of
another. Both troublemakers were chucked out of the Bank Atlantic
Center, but the legendary actress –known for her liberal positions–
kept her cool, shrugged her shoulders and said, «If you just want to
hear my songs, buy my albums and stay at home».

It happens that the singer, composer, actress, playwright, producer
and movie director went on a tour around the United States –her first
in 12 years– and, as expected, to a great acclaim. Yet, she also
stirred up some slight qualms. Above all else, Streisand has
harvested much more acceptance and applause for the brief interludes
she uses, hand in hand with an impersonator’s assistance, to level
criticism at the Republican administration’s policies.

During the intermission, according to the website TMZ, «Bush» asked
Ms. Streisand if they could sing a solo together, to which the diva
replied: «How about Enough is Enough?», in reference to Barbra’s 70s
hit No more tears. At that point guy No. 1 drenched her. When fans
asked her to sing a song for the Republicans, Barbra’s suggestion was
Send in the Clowns. That’s when guy No. 2 went into action, amid the
audience’s shouts of «Shut up!»

Barbra Streisand’s political leanings are as crystal-clear as they
are well-known. As reported in another website –Tittle-Tattle Too–
the singer also took time during her tour to urge audiences to let
the Republicans know that their days were numbered, in reference to
their chances in the coming November 7 mid-term election.

However, the renowned singer’s activism is not restricted to
satirical performances. She has posted a blog on her official website
urging voters not to be worried by the Republican’s TV campaign which
suggests terrorist Osama Bin Laden will increase attacks on America
if W. Bush’s party is voted out of office, since its single purpose
is to «provoke fear and panic in voters». And she adds: «This tactic
of playing the fear card is all too familiar», reminding of the 2004
election, where every time Bush opponent John Kerry’s poll numbers
elevated, the people were once again forced to face the orange color

Laying aside the ironic context of her performance on stage, Barbra
Streisand expresses herself like this: «Bush has created havoc in
Iraq and our country... Bush is not a conservative, just an
incompetent... If you want more of the same, just vote Republican».
And fellows like those in Miami are willing to keep giving her a
little encouragement.


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