[Marxism] Wendell Phillips on the Paris Commune

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Nov 7 15:02:17 MST 2006

Louis Pro :

While looking for incriminating evidence of bias on the Paris Commune in the
NY Times archives for the year 1871, I came across the occasional exception
to the rule, including statements from Karl Marx's First International. The
one that really floored me, however, was by Wendell Phillips the erstwhile
abolitionist. It starts:

"Today every letter-writer [ie., correspondent] from Europe caters to the
worst prejudice by lying about the Commune. Who are the letter writers?
Nine out of ten of them instinctively know what will please their
employers. They are sure to find what they were sent to seek."


CB: As Herbert Aptheker said in his book on the topic, abolitionism was a
revolutionary movement. So, Phillips may have had it in him.

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