[Marxism] Re Gilad Atzmon on Barot

robert montgomery ilyenkova at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 15:42:12 MST 2006

"Borat is set to present anti-Semitism as a backward reactionary
tendency. By doing so Baron Cohen and his team are there to block or
even to shutter any form of criticism of global Zionism in general and
of Israel in particular. This is indeed a non-violent legitimate
political agenda, yet something to keep in the back of your mind while
having an evening out at the cinema.

I allow myself to guess that when the last echoes of laughter will
fade away, we may be left with a deeper understanding of the imperial
cultural colonial agenda. If I am indeed correct here, then Baron
Cohen happens to serve the emerging Palestinian discourse of
resistance. Shukran ya Borat or rather Dzienkuje Herr Cohen."

I was with Atzmon until these two concluding paragraphs. Actually the
1st of the two makes perfect sense, but the last paragraph just seems
to hang there, unconnected to the rest of the text. How are we lead to
"a deeper understanding of the imperial cultural colonial agenda" ?
And this serves the "emerging Palestinian discourse of resistance"
exactly how? Maybe he just needed someone to edit out the last
paragraph. Maybe the critic knows there's nothing to recommend this
deeply reactionary film without imputing to it such enlarged
possibility. Or maybe I'm just a literalist thickee, impervious to the
ironic self-subversion of cinema texts like this one.

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