[Marxism] protest repression of Emir Sadr

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>Subject: [marxist_sociology-announce] FW: protest repression of
>Brazilian sociologist
>Emir Sader, a prominent Brazilian professor of sociology at the University
>of São Paulo, has been deprived of his academic post and sentenced to a year
>of community service for expressing a political view.
>Senator Jorge Bornhausen, a member of the rightwing Liberal Front Party and
>a former state governor under the military dictatorship that ended in 1985,
>declared that "the PT is a race that should be wiped out for thirty years."
>The Workers party (PT) is the party of Lula who was just reelected president
>with more than 60% of the vote.  Bortnhausen's use of the term "race" is
>especially significant in the Brazilian racial context.
>Sader replied in an article calling Bornhausen a racist and a fascist.
>Bornhausen sued for calumny and defamation. The judge ruled in his favor,
>sentencing Sader to the loss of his job as well as to the community service.
>The sentence is under appeal but this gross violation of academic freedom
>and freedom of speech must be vigorously protested.  Go to
>http://www.PetitionOnline.com/emir/ <http://www.PetitionOnline.com/emir/>
>to sign a petition that says, in part,
>In a complete inversion of values, what is intended with a sentence like
>this one is to impede the right of free expression in an action that intends
>to intimidade and criminalize critical thought.  It is also a threat to
>university autonomy which assures that the university is a public space for
>free through.  To impose a prison sentence and the loss of a job won through
>a public competition is a message to all those who do not keep silent in the
>face of injustice.
>We the signers express our most vehement repudiation.
>This is a brief summary of the information I have; I can send more in
>Spanish or Portuguese to anyone who requests it.
>You can't stay the course when things are getting steadily worse.
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