[Marxism] Here's how the 2006 mid-term election was stolen

Y. K. ykleftis at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 7 23:32:11 MST 2006

Dear Mark,

I'm mostly concerned with the meaning of US elections for everyone outside 
the US. I've debated with friends about a Democrat majority in the US 
legislature and argued that it's worse for Democrats to win because then 
suddenly it seems that "democracy works" again in the US. My opponents argue 
that it's better for Democrats to win, for nothing will change and people 
will grow disillusioned with the US government as a whole. In any case, I 
don't believe in prediction, so the discussion is probably the equivalent of 

I'm no expert on US party politics, but I think you'd agree that the mere 
presence of party politics doesn't mean the absence of a dictatorship or 
something close to it. Even changes in the composition of the legislature 
don't necessarily change the dictatorial character of government in 
countries such as Turkey, for instance. There has been no substantial 
limitation on the development of such politics in the US by the Democrats. 
Why should there be? They hope for the presidential / dictatorial prize 
themselves in 2008. I have this article in mind when discussing the legal 
tendencies toward dictatorship in the US: 
http://monthlyreview.org/1106paye.htm .

Perhaps I don't appreciate enough the reality of a single party of capital. 
I'm willing to be educated on this point. But if the Democrats win a 
majority in the legislature, as seems likely, it will become easier for 
Democrats to demand discipline from potential supporters for 2008 because 
they are suddenly "winners" and "populists" against big bad Bush. I also see 
the possibility of even more European / Japanese cooperation with the US 
along with more death for those who resist the US empire.

In any case, the economy has yet to play its card, which will change the 
terrain for all parties.



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