[Marxism] Question re Latinos sank the Republicans in the mid-termelections

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Nov 8 10:16:55 MST 2006

David McDonald wrote:
> >What will you do then, advocate to vote for the Republicans?:-)Gilles
> What we should do is figure out a way to capitalize on the overwhelming
> sentiment expressed by the voters against the war. The professional dems,
> etc. will want to give the new Congress breathing room but real people want
> the war over and feel they have already made that point.
> We need new national mobilizations that rope in all of the above and create
> a broader unity than we have been capable of for years. The current
> situation  is what Halstead called an "opening to the right."

While I agree we should go ahead with national mobilizations, I don't
think that, regardless of anything we do, those demonstrations will be
very large, nor will local support actions for those mobilizations help
much with outreach, i.e. with the recruitment of new activists.

I have become nearly convinced that in the absence of a general climate
of activist struggle (e.g., the climate produced by the civil-rights
movement in the '60s) anti-war sentiment cannot be turned into anti-war


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