[Marxism] Rumsfeld to Resign as Defense Secretary, Senior Official Says

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Wed Nov 8 11:30:31 MST 2006

(The first outcome of the election, though of course he represents the
existing policy, and putting a new face in place without changing the
policy doesn't mean much, but it sends a signal that the White House 
has noticed that it lost the election yesterday. It's some good news.
Based on how Bush and Company campaigned, they will try to change no
more than the window-dressing. It seemed evident some weeks ago when
the White House began defending Rumsfeld so strongly that his days in
office were numbered. It's turned out to be a rather small number.)

Rumsfeld to Resign as Defense Secretary, Senior Official Says
By Jeff St.Onge and Brendan Murray

Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, unable to
fulfill U.S. goals in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during his
tenure, will resign from President George W. Bush's Cabinet, a senior
administration official said.

Rumsfeld, 74, oversaw the global fight against terrorism that
followed the Sept. 11 attacks. A casualty of the American public's
growing conviction that U.S. policy in Iraq is a dismal failure,
Rumsfeld's stewardship of the war is likely to be his foremost

In yesterday's congressional elections, Democrats took over the House
and are within one seat of controlling the Senate in part because of
public dissatisfaction with the course of the war in Iraq.

A brusque and energetic management style, zeal to transform the
military and unwillingness to admit mistakes made Rumsfeld one of
Bush's most controversial Cabinet members. Criticism began soon after
Rumsfeld's appointment in early 2001, much of it stemming from his
fight to streamline the Army and Marines and reorganize the Pentagon.

His decision to shift focus and troops to Iraq from Afghanistan is
increasingly drawing criticism as Taliban insurgents and their
al-Qaeda regain strength in the Central Asian nation.

Bush previously has defended the defense secretary and said he wanted
him to stay in the job.

To contact the reporter on this story: Jeff St.Onge in Washington at
jstonge at bloomberg.net .

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